Monday, June 18, 2012

More Fire for Burning People

More Fire for Burning People was a band from Richmond in the early/mid 90's.  I think they rose from the ashes of the band Cate Allen.  Alan Siegler (I think) played bass, and this guy named Thomas might have played drums.  The guitarists/singers were Brian Landis and Curtis Brown.  For whatever reason, they replaced the rhythm section with the lovely and talented Becky Sanchez on bass and the also lovely (in a guy way) and talented Bret Payne on drums.  Which is not to say that Curtis and Brian weren't lovely and talented.  They were.  Anyway.
In the mythical land of Silver Spring, Maryland, there lived a man by the name of Mark Smoot.  He was old (mid 30's or maybe even older) and made a strong case for... getting old.  He lived in a 3-story home/recording studio.  You'd load in on Friday night, go to bed in one of his guest bedrooms, wake up Saturday morning to pancakes and bacon (if that was your thing), record until late at night, do the same thing the next day, and go home Sunday night.  This luxury rock and roll vacation would set you back $300.  So if you were in a band of 4 people, that was like not a lot of money.
More Fire For Burning People recorded a tape with Mark in November of 1995. 
Side A
Side B
Their tape included a lyric sheet, but their computer didn't seem to have a spacebar, so it reads as follows:

Also, I was going to start a MFFBP cover band and call it More Oil For Boiling People, but cooler heads prevailed.

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  1. This is great. Thanks for posting it Dave. We only have a few of those tapes left. I just got a new (old) box of vinyl - the naked/utah 7". A little more info for the back story. Cate Allan's drummer was Adam Caldwell and the first rhythm section was made up of Marty Key "Explosion" on drums and Chris Mcpherson on bass. Seeing the images of the tape brings back some great memories. Thanks again. - Curtis