Sunday, August 19, 2012

Human Thurma

This installment of my blog is being written from the road, so forgive me if I'm not as poetic as usual.

I don't remember whether or not the band HRM changed their name to Human Thurma before or after Eve replaced Erik Josephson on drums.  The guitarist's name was Sean Sheen, and he was in a bunch of other old math rock bands.  I believe he played bass in Butterglove, and was the vocalist in Ladyfinger.  Trevor Thomas (bass, vocals) had previously been in the band Adelle's Silk Stalkings.  I'm not sure that Human Thurma ever received the accolades given to some of their other bands, but to me they were just as good.  They did get it together enough to tour at least a few times; and made some fantastic recordings with Mark Smoot in  Maryland, and Tim Green somewhere in California.

Human Thurma playlist

I think Human Thurma might have broken up in the late 90's when Trevor moved to California?  He ended up moving back and is now carrying on the tradition in his band Hex Machine.  Sean lives in Seattle and might work at or near the Jimi Hendrix museum.  Eve is the one that was nice enough to send me those mp3's and might not want me to tell  you where he lives or what he is up to.

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  1. I loved this 7". Got it in Richmond VA in the late 90s. Awesome.