Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Special!

On December 11, 1993, a bunch of bands got together at 1208-A West Franklin and recorded Christmas songs.  I don't want to get too into it because I have company over, but do notice that there's no relation between the popularity of the bands and the quality of the material.  For example, Bear's "Merry Christmas (I Don't Have a Family)", Chutney's Grinch song and Megaspore Mothercell's "Little Drummer Boy" were unexpected highlights.  All modesty aside, 15 on the Fifteen's "Do The Stormtroopers Know It's Christmas" is the best song on here.  For the Jolly Mortals song, I got everyone in the room to say the word "Satan".

Whirled Records Christmas Side 1
Whirled Records Christmas Side 2

20 years ago, Mike Chapman was going to apply for a job at a Williamsburg tourist trap called The Christmas Mouse.  For his interview, he was going to say that he was a "Christmas-ass motherfucker."  Here's proof.

Little Drummer Boy
Merry Christmas
Sleigh Ride
Mr. Grinch


  1. Dave, thanks for writing this.

    Unfortunately, I cain't play these Mp3 files. Damn, frustratin', I tell you.

    Can you at least send me the chutney xmas song.

    Mighty 'bliged,


  2. Thanks for the M Chapman repost. I think I have the physical copy of this