Monday, January 2, 2012

Cherry Valence/Birds of Avalon Part 2

Birds of Avalon.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to follow them as closely because by the time they got off the ground, I had moved halfway across the country and started a family.  I like to think that they kept a similar schedule to the Cherry Valence.
The only time I ever saw Birds of Avalon was at Fun Fun Fun Fest a few years ago.  They seemed like a more marketable version of their predecessors.  Not to say they were any less enjoyable - far from it.  Just different.
So, I guess I don't have a lot to write about them.  Also, they only Birds of Avalon album I have is available for purchase, which you should do.  I did digitize the Cherry Valence demo though.

01 Lose That Smile
02 Sitting Around Looking at Girls
03 Let Me Do My Business
04 Don't You Worry
05 Waltz for Stevie Wonder
06 Rollin'
07 Last Man on Earth Blues
08 Drunk Ass Self at Home
09 Two-Headed Woman
10 Clark Street Dub

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