Monday, March 19, 2012

Stinking Lizaveta

One night maybe in 1996, I went to the Biograph in Richmond to see this band called Stinking Lizaveta from Philadelphia or somewhere that I've never heard of.  The Biograph was an enormous venue on Grace Street that nobody ever went to.  I don't remember who else played the show, but I remember Stinking Lizaveta.
The guitarist was a crazy-looking Greek leprechaun with a Les Paul that looked twice as large as it should have.  The bassist (his brother) played an upright electric fretless bass - something I didn't even know existed.  The woman playing drums might as well have been John Bonham's twin sister.  They played a style of music called "doom jazz" - very heavy, very complicated, and with a strong improvisational streak.  Sort of like a tighter late-Black Flag instrumental style.  Naturally, I was hooked.  I saw them whenever I could, and once they let me record one of their shows at Hole in the Wall.  Two overhead mics into a 4-track.  It doesn't sound great, but what the hey.


Another thing about this band is that when I saw them for the first time it was 15+ years ago, and as far as I know they are STILL always touring.  They were old then!

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