Monday, April 30, 2012

Black Squid

I don't really know a lot about Black Squid.  I'm not sure if anyone does.  Their myspace page doesn't seem to reveal much.  Supposedly they're from somewhere called Slobovia or something, but I don't even know if that country exists.  What's even more confusing is that in one of the songs, MC Griest says he's from Germany.  I was once fortunate enough to see them, and that certainly didn't clear things up - both members wore masks and sang along to pre-recorded music, but I got the impression that even the vocals had been recorded earlier.  After the show I tried to talk to them and they kind of shrugged and pretended that they didn't speak English.  What was weird was that later that night I saw them talking to some extremely hot girls, and there didn't appear to be a language barrier.  Maybe the girls spoke whatever language people speak in Slobovia.  They also were drinking out of these strange cans that I'd never seen before - later I found out it was called Gow, and apparently it's only available in rural parts of Lower Slobovia.
Some time around the turn of the century, I was able to get Black Squid a show at the Hole in the Wall in Richmond.  They charged me $15.99 for a burned CD with no cover, but I had a good job then so it was no big deal.  I assumed that the cost was so high because of foreign taxes or whatever, but I couldn't help but feeling like behind their masks, they were kind of laughing at me...

You're Gonna Die (When Black Squid Arrives)
The Death of Billy Sancho
10 Pack o' Gow
MC Griest in the Haus
It's So EZ to Pleez Me
Billy Sancho
Shortlongs and Dirtlips
Mock Yourself

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