Monday, July 23, 2012


Richmond didn't have a lot of heavy bands in 1993.  There were a lots of bands that tuned their guitars plenty low.  Lots of bands played the ol' chugga chugga riffs.  Some even played that kind of Southern swampy stoner rock.  But few were actually HEAVY.
When they started out, Nudibranch's members were Flossy Branch on vocals, Dangerous Branch on guitar, Nasty Branch on bass, and Commander Deveroe on drums.  Flossy often wore a mask and sounded a little like a heavy metal David Yow.  Dangerous had an alternative rock hairstyle; and was somehow able to come up with crushing riffs, inventive noises, scratches/scribbles - all while seemingly teetering on the edge of not being able to play.  Nasty was into a wide variety of music, looked like that one guy in that one movie, and might be reading this right now.  The Commander was a huge Kiss fan (legend has it that he owned their pinball game) and played his two bass drums as if he were playing three.  They recorded this demo:
Nudibranch - Logic Studios Demo

The song "Robot Girl" has some of my favorite lyrics ever:
Don't want an Earth girl
Don't want a normal girl
A normal girl will often go
A fact of life that we all know
That's why we go with Robot Girls
Robot Girls are always faithful
Unless someone steals the controls
But that won't happen - we've got code control

A year or so later, Dangerous left to join some branch of the armed forces (did I mention his name was "Dangerous"?) and was replaced by Perry Branch.  Nasty left and was replaced by Pete (RIP).  Tony Brown also played bass at some point, as did Ian from Damn Near Red.  Flossy either moved away or quit, and there was Gingwin then Orlock then Hot New Dance Hits.  Are you still reading this?  My friend Blade wrote a more detailed account of the band here.

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  1. You have friends named Dangerous, Nasty, and Blade. Life is good.