Monday, September 3, 2012

Last of the Juanitas

Last of the Juanitas were a band from Arizona that sounded like they were from San Diego.  Either that, or they were a band from New Mexico that sounded like they were from Arizona.  I forget!
Maybe it was a Tuesday night, maybe it was at Hole in the Wall in Richmond VA, maybe it was 1999.  My band had a show with a touring band called Last of the Juanitas.  I brought my 4-track to the show so I could record my own band, and fortunately had an extra 90 minute Maxell XLII cassette tape.  Looking back, it's kind of amusing how there was a kind of hierarchy amongst cassette tapes.  Certrons were the lowest.  Thin-cased Fuji normal bias.  Then the clear normal bias Maxells.  TDK D-90's.  TDK SA-60.  And so on.  Recording at a higher speed makes for a better recording.  All this stuff was kind of important, because there wasn't much fidelity to cling to.  Anyway.  Two Shure SM 57 microphones pointed to the heavens and plugged into a Fostex.
I guess the verbosity above is there to make up for how little I remember or know about the actual band.  The guitarist was a scruffy looking nerf herder that apparently went on to be in Red Fang, one of the biggest rock bands around (I say this because I have heard of them).  The bassist was a girl with an Ozzy/Randy Rhoads Tribute shirt, which instantly made her the coolest girl I had ever seen.  The drummer might have had short hair and seemed to be the creative driving force behind the songs.  They spent the night at my apartment, I fed them breakfast and coffee, and wished them well on their future adventures.
Last of the Juanitas Playlist

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  1. those type ii tapes were the shit back in the day. this actually sounds like something right off the board. nice sound. dig it.