Monday, September 17, 2012

Rah Bras

Making music isn't unlike making model airplanes.  You can't really expect to sell it/them, you do it because you love it.  The only problem is when there are some people that make really crappy model airplanes and get insanely rich so they can flood the world with model airplanes, and others make fantastic model airplanes that don't sell, so they don't make any more model airplanes.  What was I talking about again?

The Rah Bras were 1/3 Maximillian Colby, 1/3 Hose Got Cable, and 1/3 Damn Near Red.  They didn't have a guitar player!  They were fantastic live, and even did a cover of "Pony" by Ginuwine.

Their first two EP's came out in 1998 or so.
Concentrate to Listen to the Rondo That We Christen King Speed
Buy it here.

The second album has a movie on it.  Technology!

They put out a couple of other albums that should have devoured but didn't, and the best music video ever made.

John Skaritza went on to not play drums with Pen Rollings in what would have been the best band of all time.
Dave Nesmith may or may not be a Monkee's nephew, and has gone on to be in Bats and Mice (I think) and Regents.
Marie Bethel went on to be in the extremely photogenic band Daemon Lover.  I got her to sing on a couple of cover songs over the years, but this is not my story.

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  1. John Skaritza went on to be in The Best Cover Band Of All-Time, "The Pac Men". He was also in The Best Band Featuring A Non-Human Singer Ever, "Dr. Tobor & His Electric Men" until he murdered one of the lead singers.