Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Welcome to my blog!
For about a year in 2011/2012, I wrote about various independent rock bands in either Richmond VA or Austin TX. Then I ran out of material. Anyway, I still get a few comments every year on this thing and sometimes if I'm googling some obscure band, this blog pops up. I understand that many of the links are now broken (RIP Fileden), so if something doesn't work, leave a comment here and I'll fix it. Be patient though, because I don't check this very often.
- D


  1. You never put up the HRM tape?

    No worries, I've got it.

    But damn, the world needs that shine!

  2. This blog brought back a lot of memories. Just stumbled on to it.
    I lived w/ Eve, Pete & Christian in '97 or so.